“We are not part of any insurrection plans whatsoever” – Labour Party

The Labour Party (LP) says it is not part of any insurrection plan being planned in Nigeria according to the Department of State Services (DSS)

The Department of State Services (DSS) had on Wednesday, March 29 raised an alarm over a plot to scuttle the democratic process and install an interim government.

But in a reaction to the development, the Labour Party’s spokesman Yunusa Tanko said the party is not plotting any insurrection, describing the development as a conspiracy against the state.

“We are not part of any insurrection plans whatsoever,” he said on Channels Television’s Lunch Time Politics on Thursday.

“But what I am saying is that we would protect the interest of Nigerian people based on the provisions of the law which provides that where you are hurting, you have the right to protest and that you would do so with the defence and protection of the Nigerian security apparatus. That is what we would do but we would not support any insurrection in any way.”

He accused the DSS and other security agencies of not protecting the interest of the Nigerian state during the 2023 elections, claiming some of the party’s supporters were disenfranchised in parts of the country.

“The DSS and the security agencies should come out and protect us even if we are on the streets protesting,” he added, maintaining that the Labour Party is not mobilising people to come out on the streets to fight.

According to him, LP won’t do anything against the laws of Nigeria.

“We are ready to follow the rules and laws of the democratic setting,” he maintained.

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