Upholding the Spirit of Democracy: A Call for Free, Fair, and Transparent Governorship Primary Elections-Simpa Jerry Afadama

Upholding the Spirit of Democracy: A Call for Free, Fair, and Transparent Governorship Primary Elections
In the vibrant tapestry of democracy, one of the essential threads is the conduct of free, fair, and transparent primary elections. Driven by a profound concern for our democracy, I earnestly urge the National Executive Council and Edo State Executives of the Labour Party to champion the cause of fairness and equity in the upcoming governorship primary elections.
In this pivotal moment, we must prioritize the people’s interests above all else and uphold the principles that our party, the Labour Party, stands for: transparency, fairness, and genuine representation.
The cornerstone of any thriving democracy lies in the ability to conduct elections that are free from manipulation, coercion, and undue influence. It is imperative that the party leaders formulate comprehensive guidelines that reflect the collective wishes of the delegates and the people. Let us avoid the pitfalls of imposing candidates, thereby providing every aspirant with a level playing field.
The Labour Party must not emulate the practices of established parties but instead rise above the fray and set a new standard for ethical governance. Our state yearns for leaders with credibility, experience, and technical acumen. We must shun the opportunistic individuals who view public office as a means of personal financial gain.
Political prostitutes and opportunistic political entrepreneurs have no place in the future we envision for our beloved state. Transparency in the selection process is non-negotiable. Prioritize candidates who have a sincere desire to serve the public and are unafraid of the allure of money but committed to improving the lives of our people.
In this clarion call, I beseech every member of the Labour Party and the Obedient Movement to resist the temptation of succumbing to financial inducements. Our future, and that of the generations to come, should never be compromised for momentary financial gains. Let us not allow money to sway our decisions, for it is ephemeral and transient.
Delegates, as the torchbearers of our democracy, it is your solemn duty to put the future of our state and the aspirations of our people above any monetary interests. Remember, genuine progress cannot be bought; it must be earned through dedication, integrity, and hard work.
In this pivotal moment in our party’s history, let us reaffirm our commitment to the ideals of democracy. Ensuring free, fair, and transparent governorship primary elections will uphold the integrity of our party and pave the way for a brighter future for Edo State.
Together, as members of the Labour Party, let us stand united against the corrupting influence of money and embrace the power of true democratic values. Our state deserves nothing less than the best, and it begins with the choices we make today.
Dr. Simpa Jerry Afadama, an Information Technology Expert, Project Management Consultant and a Public Sector Expert.

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