“Till date Jude cannot see me eyeball to eyeball” – Rapper Cynthia Morgan writes about her experience with her former record label

Nigerian rapper, Cynthia Morgan has opened up about her experience with her former record label, Northside Music.

Cynthia, who was formerly signed to the record label owned by Jude Okoye, highlighted the alleged unpleasant experience she had with the label.

Sharing her story on her Instagram page following the death of 27-year-old singer Mohbad, Cynthia revealed that Jude Okoye cannot look at her eyeball to eyeball till date.

According to her, they peddled so many lies against her over the years and tried to talk it out in a meeting last year, but he was too afraid to talk to her and cancelled.

She wrote,

“Till date Jude cannot see me eyeball for eyeball.
There are terrible people everywhere. You too have to be brutal. And just know people will never lie on you if they aren’t scared of you.

They said they bought me a car, gave me a house and even put me on allowances they even went as far as saying I never made any returns for the label.
This is how far people can go to cover up thier asses. They said I was a liar, ungrateful. Not sure if the being on drugs speculations also cam from them but yo I heard so many things that broke my heart even off camera. These people made me give up on humanity Couple with the mad man that says he is a prince.

A meeting was arranged last year, I got to his gate and he changed his mind. Coward”

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