Tacha’s fans reveals their plans to join forces with Mike “BBNAIJA”

Reports allegedly have it that, a conspiracy against Mercy is currently being plotted by Titans who want Mike to win the show.

It is no news that the Titans have a strong dislike for Mercy who they blame for getting their Queen, Tacha disqualified.

However, the Titans (Tacha‘s fans) want a contract signed first with Mike’s manager to ensure he gives a percentage of the prize to her before they proceed to vote for Mike.

Until the contract is signed, the Titans won’t start any campaign for Mike.
A voice note which leaked from the Titans’ group chat, revealed the plan for Tacha’s manager to meet with Mike’s manager to sign a contract so that they can vote for him to win and Tacha gets a percentage of the prize as compensation.

It is alleged that the voice note was from a Deloitte spy who revealed that Mercy was winning Mike by just 2% and in two days, believes that Tacha’s fans can make the difference and help him win.

She also stated that Tacha’s fans should contact her manager to get in touch with Mike’s manager so they could sign the contract for Tacha to make money too out of it because it is business.

The Titans have decided to do their best to ensure that Mercy doesn’t walk away from the show with the prize money and this is one of the means they have deviced to achieve their goal.

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