Samuel Eto’o – it’s a fact that I’m the best African player ever

Cameroonian football legend, Samuel Eto’o has declared himself the best African player to ever play football.

The 38-year-old began his career with Real Madrid and went on to play for 13 clubs including Barcelona, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Everton, and Sampdoria.

He won one Champions League with Inter Milan. But while at Barcelona, Eto’o won three La Liga titles and two Champions League trouphies and also helped his country to win Olympic gold at the 2000 Games in Australia, the Africa Cup of Nations in 2000 and 2002.

“I don’t need to lay claim to anything, it’s just a fact. Whether you accept it or not, it’s a fact,” Eto who retired in September told AFP.

“When I look at where I came from and how far I got, I tell myself that I am entitled to be proud. That doesn’t mean I am big-headed, far from it. It is just that, in this world, people like puppets and I don’t accept being one.”

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