“Rev Obofour” says being a cleric is a career not God’s calling

The founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour has made a controversial claim of all Pastors in Ghana including himself, not being called by God.

According to the controversial Ghanaian preacher, it will be foolish to call him and some Pastors “fake” because no Pastor was called by God.

He also warned Pastors in Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and other churches to stop calling others fake till they prove their calling. The preacher further told them to show him the number God called them with or a picture of when an angel descended and told them that God wants them to do his work.

“Shut up there, who gave you the right to call another pastor fake? We are all one because God has no called any of us. Any pastor who claims God called him should show me the number God called him on and the certificate,” he said.

Obofour insisted that being a cleric is a career and God doesn’t call anybody to do his work as some pastors want people to believe. He added that they are all selling their commodities.

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