Mechanic Refuses to Collect Money From Car Owner After Seeing Peter Obi’s Sticker on the Vehicle

A Labour Party supporter in Benin, Edo state was pleasantly surprised after a mechanic refused to collect money despite fixing her car The mechanic refused the payment because the lady had Peter Obi’s poster pasted in front of her vehicle In a video that has since gone viral, the lady thanked the mechanic and asked other people in the city to patronise him

A mechanic in Edo state refused to collect money from a car owner after fixing her car because she is a supporter of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi. The lady had approached the mechanic when the car developed a fault, but he declined payment after working on it because he saw the poster of Obi.

Peter Obi’s supporters nationwide have an uncommon passion for his candidature ahead of the 2023 polls. Photo credit: @PeterObi Source: Twitter The excited lady took to social media to do a video of the mechanic while he was still working in the car.

She said in the video which has since gone viral on social media

“Good morning everyone, I brought my car to the car shop for the mechanic to fix, so he saw Peter Obi’s sticker on top of the car and he said because I am ‘OBIdient’ he is going to fix my car for free. “Please I am going to put this mechanic workshop address, anybody in Benin, bring your car here, he is a good guy.” Responding,

the mechanic said:

“Yes, we are ‘OBIdient’ worldwide.”

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