Lady left distraught as she reveals how she discovered her “husband” who she gave almost N20m is married to another woman with children

In rather interesting turn out of events, a lady has taken to social media to reveal how she discovered the greatest shock of her life.

The lady, who wrote to blogger, Diaryofa9jagirl, revealed how she discovered that the man whom she called her husband since November of last year, 2022, was married to a different woman and has children with her.

Sharing her story, she revealed that she wants her revenge following the shocking discovery. According to her, she met her husband sometime in 2021 and after about six months of dating, he asked for her hand in marriage.

Within that time, she tried to get to know him but all of that was to no avail because according to him, he is an undercover agent whose details shouldn’t be easily exposed. They eventually got married in court without witnesses from their family in November of 2022.

Things took a new turn when she traveled to Australia and found his photo with a different family in the home of a lady she’d made friends with. It was after this she discovered who her husband truly is.

She says at 41, she feels used and don’t think her heart is functioning again. She hopes to get her revenge when her so-called husband gets back in the country. She says she plans on arresting him.

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