A true party man speaks, the former Ikpoba-okha LGA youth leader, former councilorship candidate ward 6, incumbent assistant secretary organising of the LGA and the MD/CEO unbeatable motors, unbeatable motors rentals and Unbeatable properties, AMB TERRY PRINCE OSEMWENGIE, advised true committed and dedicated members of LP

Dear labour party Edo State, elected and statutory leaders, former aspirants, members and national leaders of LP, first let me appreciate us for our commitment thus far and for conducting a super successful trailblazer primaries election

We have set the standard and have made a difference

we must understand that we have a serious battle ahead of us, one that can be won, if only we work together to succeed victoriously or be defeated because we lack strategic coordination, strong alliance, oneness and, or are aggrieved.

It’s time to put all the grievances behind us and forge ahead for a better prosperous LP..

It’s important to note that the candidates from the opposition party are majorly from the centre, while ours is from the south, this is a blessing in disguise, the reasons are simple, we have 3 candidates from Edo centre and 1 from Edo south, Edo south has the largest numbers of voters, if we work hard to get 50 percent vote from it, and little percentage from other zone, I bet we will be on our way to osadebe avenue. While other candidates will share the votes coming from Edo centre and north, plus some few from Edo south, the labour party would have been long gone..

These 3 opposition parties PDP, APC and NNPP are going to share votes from that region while LP would still share from it.

it’s all about winning and at this point strategic politicking is needed and not sentiments, region or tribalism

it then means that if we join force together like never before, Particularly all the gubernatorial aspirants

if we leverage on this God given opportunity, it would become the only reason why we will win in the end. We just need to convince the people that labour party will give all that is expected coupled with the manifesto of our principal

It’s all about who can provide good democratic impact to the citizen and ensure that the basic needs of the people are meant, which we know our candidate can provide without hesitation

We must let the people know that, it is about Edo and not a certain region, it’s about who can provide good leadership, change the narrative and make a difference in Edo State in general..

so if we strategize judiciously, we may just be on our way to producing the next governor

This is a task for us all, it’s the last fight we must win to stay relevant as far as LP is concern in Edo State and we can’t afford to give up now

Forward ever…. Backwards never….

Olumide osaigbovo akpata 2024

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