Hon Murphy Omoruyi Visited ward 4 and 6 Egor Local government and ward 5 ikpoba-okha LGA (See photos)

The candidate of Labour Party for house of representative, for Egor/Ikpoba-Okha Federal constituency, Hon. Murphy Osaro Omoruyi yesterday visited 6 Egor, ward 5 Ikpoba-Okha and ward 4 Egor. While on the visit to these wards with his messages of a New Nigeria, he was well received by the people with music, dance and jubilation to the these various wards

On getting to ward 4 Egor and before Hon. Murphy Osaro Omoruyi could seat and appreciate the people for the jubilation, the people of ward 4 Egor confer on him a title (TU GHA YORE 1. OF EGOR/IKPOBA-OKHA LOCAL GOVERNMENT) and with the title attire.

In his words, Hon. Murphy Osaro OMORUYI said he was speechless as his campaign visit is becoming more and more encouraging with the acceptance he always received from the people and that he feels honoured to be this appreciated and promised to never forget the title given him this day.

On getting to ward 5 Ikpoba-Okha, the chairman, Mr. Aimianmian welcomed him to the ward and assured him of his ward support and victory for him come 2023. Hon. Murphy Osaro OMORUYI said he was glad to be in ward 5 Ikpoba-Okha that he can not appreciate them enough for what they have done for his campaign through their son, his friend and brother, Comrade Mashido Osamudiamen EGHAGHE, Who did not only support him emotionally and physically, but also financially by giving him a brand new toyota sienna and also branding it to support his campaign.

He further plead with everyone present to help him thank and pray for Comrade Mashido wherever he is that he so much appreciate what he has done for him that hence Comrade Mashido is in ward 5 Ikpoba-Okha, he sees ward 5Ikpoba-Okha as his own ward.

He continues:

It gives me great pleasure and honour to join you all and to extend a warm welcome to everyone here present. This familiarisation visit is timely as it brings together our vibrant youths, mothers, fathers and everyone, to reminisce on their roles, as key agents of change, in advancing our constituency. He his express sincere gratitude to the ward chairmen of each, their executives and members for the excellent job they are doing their respective wards to encourage and uplift our young people, most especially the great women and youth, I can not thank you all enough for welcoming me and assuring me that he that is backed by a woman and his home never falls.

It is imperative that, as this the election draws closer to the most critical period ahead of our nation history in 2023 elections, it’s important that mothers, fathers and all young people of voting age to go get their PVCs and make sure they cast their ballots for qualified, competent, and trustworthy candidates of Labour Party at all levels.

When elected as your representative, my responsibility is to legislate laws that will provide an environment that will allow my constituency to achieve life goals, including those related to infrastructure, health, education, and security of life and property as it’s related to my manifesto and that of my principal, His Excellency, Peter Gregory Obi.

Without a doubt, the new Nigeria we are all joining together to achieve in 2023 will face a plethora of domestic and external challenges provoked by cumulative leadership failures over the years. These challenges have threatened our national unity, social cohesion, and citizens’ trust in the government and impeded our economic outcomes. Our country is currently one of the most miserable in terms of poverty rate, number of out-of-school children, infant and under-5 mortality rate, life expectancy, and a host of others. All these problems, though difficult, are not unsolvable.

Permit me to say that Nigeria is not bereft of good ideas and plans that will move the country forward. However, the institutional weaknesses and lack of political will to implement them are undermining our development efforts.

With the right leadership with political will and commitment to addressing these problems, a new Nigeria, where everybody including the most vulnerable and excluded group like youths, women, and children will become the key stakeholders in the decision-making process, is possible.

I therefore, reiterate my commitment to a purposeful leadership that draws its strength from all members of my constituency, Egor/ Ikpoba-Okha Federal constituency, particularly the youths, in policy formulation and administration. My legislation will train and empower with start-up women youth.

My legislation will demonstrate that good governance is all about providing the needed services to the people. If elected as your representative next year, youths would be the main proponents of my main agenda to transform Egor/Ikpoba-Okha Federal constituency, because the two main components of my manifesto are human capital development and security. Incidentally, the central goal of today’s obi-dient movement and the Labour party is to improve the quality of human capital. Thus, under my legislation, I will solidify that. My prioritise and legislation will pay serious attention to health system and employment by ensuring that at least a lot of people and mostly the poor in my constituency. Also to have access to better medical services

At the grassroots level. If elected, i intend to create a professionally managed Fund that will promoting the develop of our farmers

In conclusion, I wish to appeal to all especially the youths, to see the 2023 election as an opportunity to take back their country and more importantly shun every form of primordial sentiments. The 2023 election should be based on competence, capacity and commitment to doing the right thing and not on ethnicity/tribe and religion since the high cost of living, insecurity and other problems that are facing us have no discrimination against ethnicity/tribe and religion. Finally, I wish to thank everyone once again for receiving me.

Labour Party!!!

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