Hon Murphy Omoruyi Visit to Ikpoba-okha ward 1 and ward 7 (see photos)

A candidate of the Labour Party, representing Egor/Ikpoba-Okha Federal Constituency, Hon. Murphy Osaro Omoruyi yesterday 18th of October 2022 visited ward 7 and ward 1, Ikpoba-Okha local government area of Edo State. He was well received my the people as songs of joy were all over the atmosphere.

Hon. Murphy Osaro Omoruyi appreciate the warm welcome he received from the people at the various wards as said he was very happy to be with them as they were friends, associate and family present to receive him.

He also express that something is happening right now in the history of our dear country, Nigeria. that there is a wind of change and of a new NIGERIA is blowing across the country. A wind of renewal of peace and unity. A Wind from every corner that breathe new life into politics in Nigeria.

He said that It has become a very difficult thing for many families to make ends meet. That too many families are living in poverty. That they have had enough of the present administration, that they deserve better. These and many more are the reason why he dare to join Peter Obi in Abuja to bring about the needed change and a new Nigeria of our time.

He also said that a new style of leadership that will birth a new Nigeria is now necessary because, for too long, we have continue to elect those who have brought us to this present state. We can not tolerate anymore, because issues that matter to most are yet to be settled and are of no concern to the present administration.

We have voted for those in the green chamber in the past, but still, they could not legislate a law that will benefit their constituency. All we see is the same people with same old scandals and same story. We can’t afford to look away anymore. it’s the time to change the narrative.

I can not be less a good legislator. Many here know where I stand and they know I will fight for the priorities of our dear constituency and Nigeria at large.

I am committed to doing things differently. I am committed to giving good results immediately I assume office. Not waiting towards the end my service before I will now start doing things to get the people’s vote again. Because we all need a new Nigeria, that’s my commitment to you all, my friends, family, associate and to the good people of Egor/Ikpoba-Okha Federal Constituency, as I am ready to be your representative at the house of representative (green chamber). And I fully understand what it means to urgently have a new Nigeria.

I know the job of a legislator is to make sure that he legislate laws that will be of great benefit to the people who elected him, and not for some selected few. Also, I know some of these old people will come to you that you have no choice but to vote for them, because they feel they can buy your conscience with money. But that is, once again, old style of politics which we much change and do away with. We all deserve a better Nigeria that will be free for all. From me, you will have a solid member house of representative to represent Egor/Ikpoba-Okha Federal Constituency.

Right now, a lot has gone wrong in our dear country and we need to fix it. And the fixing start with a vote. Your vote! And I am calling on all of us present here today to exercise your civic responsibility. Together, we can do this. We can show that here our priority is good legislation, good jobs, good environment and peace in our constituency and Nigeria at large. We must dare to look beyond the old way of politics and have the audacity to ask for our constitutionally given rights.

Hon. Murphy Osaro Omoruyi concluded by saying that we must dare to look cynicism directly in the eye and have faith that the best of our nation’s time has come and especially because there is so much work to do. The time has come for someone to take responsibilities. I am ready just as much as we are all ready to change the narrative. It can’t be done without you all present here today. Let’s work together. Let’s roll our sleeves and start the work right no. He once again appreciated everyone present and promise never to disappoint them nor take for granted this massive love they have shown him.

The visitation ended with the people appreciating him in return for a well articulated speeches and for coming at this critical time of our country to serve.

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