Don jazzy reacts to “Sex for Grades” Scandal in University of Lagos

There is a topic that is currently trending on the internet which has to do with University lecturers sexually abusing students all in the name of wanting to help them get good grades in school.

This topic which has now become huge on Twitter arose as a result of a documentary by BBC which focused on trapping lecturers in West African universities who always demand sex from young girls in order to do a favour or two for them academically.

Don Jazzy who has a reputation for being an avid Twitter user has now gotten involved in the topic.

He reveals while such act that the lecturers put up is highly condemnable, it should not be forgotten that there are some girls who intentionally offer some of these lecturers sex in order for them to be passed.

He assumes in the tweet that Nigerians shouldn’t be one-sided as they need to focus on how the girls tempt some of these lecturers with sexual offers too and address that as well.

He wrote;

“I understand that some Ladies are also guilty of offering their Lecturers sex for good grades but I believe this documentary will be a deterrent. If the Students know their lecturers will reject their offers, they won’t dare make an attempt.”

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