Blessing Okoro CEO advises Tacha to focus on growing her own brand – “you have the platform and the fans”

Blessing Okoro, in her recent post on Instagram advised Tacha to forget cheap endorsement deals and focus on growing her own brand ‘Everything Tacha’.

The relationship expert also mentioned that Tacha has the fan base and the platform to send her brand to a greater height and conquer the world.

She wrote;

“I have been holding it so bad but let me spit it out. Nobody wants to talk again because once u do they call u a clout. Or they say u want to use her to trend.

“Tacha I know ur fans will relate this to you.
Please this is coming from a woman who admires ur hustling spirit before Big Brother Naija.
Please Forget all this drama called endorsement
Push ur brand everything tacha, you will sell out.

They are just using ur fan based to cash out.
Tacha push ur brand. Carry this ur brand on ur head just like ur god mother jaruma. Tacha produce ur own waist trainer. Produce ur own glasses.

Everything tacha will blow to the world. I know ur fans will rush here now to vomit nonsense but this is straight from my heart. Instead of cheap endorsement, tacha chase sponsors to make ur brand bigger”.

You have the platform, you have the fans.
Tacha please don’t over brand urself. Don’t forget that ur fans embraced your imperfections,and still loved u”

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