Actress Amara Maduka – “Most Nigerian men with big manhood have absconded with foreigners”

Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka has made a controversial claim of Nigeria having few men with big manhood because most of them have absconded with foreigners.

Amara Maduka who disclosed this while the responding to a question on rape in an interview with The Sun, called for a national emergency to be declared over the shortage of men with big manhood in the country.

She said “How a woman dresses has absolutely nothing to do with her being raped. People just don’t get it. An adult must learn self-control or they will always land in trouble. As women, we see men wear really tight pants and have their huge crotches bulging provocatively, but we don’t rape them. Even though, some of us just admire the thing and move on, because as adults, we know it is not an invitation. But I see them on Instagram.

“Sadly, we mostly see those big types online because we don’t have men with big eggplants (manhood) in Nigeria. Most of our men with big eggplants have absconded with foreigners, leaving us with few or nothing. This is so bad and I think it should be treated as a national emergency.

“Well, on an average, the size doesn’t matter but the usage does. Then again, if it’s too small, wetin we gain? “

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