A Nigerian Female doctor reveals how her mom helped her dad grow his fish business

To celebrate her parents wedding anniversary, U.S. based Nigerian doctor, Ann Amuta has revealed how her mom helped her dad grow his catfish business after retirement.

catfish business ann
According to Ann, nobody patronized her dad until her mum started buying them and sharing to people for free. Read Ann’s Twitter post below…

“My dad retired from medicine and started a catfish business.
Nobody would patronize and everyone wanted free fish.
So my mom routinely bought the fish from my dad so his ‘business’ would grow and to motivate him.
She gave people the fish for free and when they tasted it, they

typically came back and bought many more. Now he has 8 large catfish ponds and doing great!
It’s not very profitable, but it keeps my dad busy and excited, he’s happy and my mom is happy Smiling face with open mouth.
Happy wedding anniversary to my parents, and a special shoutout to my mother-A QUEENSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes!”

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