A lady whose car got bashed by Actress Kate Henshaw reacts to her Apology

The Nigerian lady whose car got scratched by actress Kate Henshaw has responded to Kate’s Twitter apology to her.

The actress had earlier taken to Twitter to issue an apology to the lady after scratching her car, with the hope that the lady will come across it.

Kate Hanshaw wrote:

“True confession:
A lady gave me room on the road this afternoon by Lekki one r/about. There wasn’t enough room to manoeuvre and I ended up scrapping her car… she was a bit upset but she just drove off. I feel terrible. Wish I could apologise properly and make amends..”

Fortunately for Kate, the lady saw the tweet. In reaction, she said;

“@HenshawKate Gd morning Kate I am the lady you scratched her car. I am not upset, it could have happened to anyone including me. I have fixed the car it’s all good. I was actually on my way yesterday to see my mum. One love and God bless. Chioma”.

Excitedly, Kate Hanshaw tweeted a screenshot of her post with the caption:

“My tweet got to her..Please my tweet fam help me thank her and thanks for your show of concern too.
This is why I love Twitter!!
Thanks again Chioma. God bless your heart”.

She added:
“Good morning Chioma… oh my!! I am glad my tweet got to you. I should have come after you…Truly sorry… thank you for your forgiveness. I am indeed grateful and do not take it lightly.
God bless you.

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