A Four years old boy plunges 100ft off a balcony but miraculously survives “Photos”

A four-year-old boy miraculously survived a horror fall after he fell from a 100ft high balcony on the tenth floor of a building in Nonthaburi, central Thailand.

The little boy was seen climbing over metal railings on the balcony in a CCTV footage before he plunges from the 100ft height on Thursday night (Oct. 3.) But his fall was broken by a tree and the food stall awning before he hit the edge of a plastic table that smashed into pieces.

The four-year-old is understood to have only suffered cuts and bruises. He was quickly rushed to the hospital by paramedics who arrived at the scene.

Nai Kittisak said: ‘I was standing at the entrance, then I heard the sound of something crashing through a tree and hitting the ground.

‘Then someone cried. I ran there, found the boy lying face down on the ground, a man picked him up and saw that he was still alive.

The boy said that his left arm and legs were hurt so we told him to lay still and waited for the help.’

Police Colonel Pongchakree Reechakarunpong said that the boy is alive and well. He said: ‘I received in report from the hospital that the boy’s health is fine, no bones are broken.

The doctor will check for any internal injuries that might not have shown up already but they do not believe he has any serious injuries.’

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