200 Graduates of Samzuga Empowerment Academy receive Business Grant up to N1,000,000 each

On Tuesday, March 10th, 200 graduates of Samzuga Empowerment Academy received business grants ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 in Yola, Adamawa State.

This is in accordance to Bishop Sam Zuga’s vision 0202-2020, to Raise 100 Nigerians Millionaires Before End Of 2020. Bishop Sam Zuga of House of Joy ministry, also known as Jehova Field Marshall, had last week, established the empowerment Academy to further educate and train beneficiaries of his soft loan on how to invest wisely on any kind of business.

The school was established to basically teach people on FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE and not to fail in any kind of business they will be getting into. All the training which covered a wide range of skills acquisitions in various areas was free of charge.
Business experts were present to train and properly guide the students through.
This is arguably the first of its kind in Africa, if not in the world. During the presentation, the philanthropic cleric stated that the money was given to them, according to what they applied for and how effective they can be to turn around.

Expressing his fulfillment, lifting youths out of poverty and making Nigeria a better nation, Bishop Samzuga voiced his advice to all the students that got the grant, he said:

“I feel so much joy looking at you all this afternoon and seeing a better and brighter future for Nigeria and Africa. Prepare your minds for a better tomorrow. What we are starting here today would become a pattern and formulae of the transformation of the nation. We have Christians and Muslims here because we don’t discriminate. What we are doing is to give the youths a focus.
Once you start your respective businesses, you must avoid violence. You can’t have development where there’s no peace. This is very important, so you can be doing your businesses in a conducive environment, 95% of the crisis across the globe are religious based. Aside the finance, here we are also training you on how to be am important person to the society and your religion. I am here to solve a problem and the best way to solve a problem is to identity it first.

The problem of man is inside man. Only man can solve the problems of man. I should be that man that would solve the problems of man. You’re created to solve the existing problem of man and not the other way round.
You have been trained. You know what to do, you understand financial intelligence. How to set your priority right. Then you also have mentors attached to you. All of you must become millionaires in a short time,”.

Bishop Sam Zuga has successfully established several companies and organizations which are home and abroad set to address the issue of unemployment.
Which are:

Samzuga Empowerment Academy, Samzuga international football Academy, Samzuga international family, Samzuga business Empire, Samzuga foundation, Samzuga University of Technology, Samzuga Agro and global resources, Samzuga Gospel Dancers and Entertainment Industry, Samzuga Garments, Beauty and Fashion Industry and Samzuga Gold Trading LLC.

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