Charles Okocha In Rage As He Caught His Daughter In A Man’s Car

A video making the rounds on social media has captured the moment Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha reportedly saw his daughter in a car with a man. Reports alleged that the actor also got reports that the guy in question allegedly wanted to Jazz his daughter during their outin

In the video going viral, Charles Okocha was spotted running around the scene and raging with anger, as he swore to deal with the guy. Charles could be seen in the video with a shovel which he angrily used to destroyed the front of the guys car

After pacing and shouting for some time, the actor grabbed a shovel and began to smash the guy’ s car glass into pieces. He also dragged his daughter out of the car.

See the screenshot of the video below;

Nollywood actor Charles Okocha was born on July 5, 1976, and he is currently 45 years old. He is a native of Anambra State, but was raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Charles Okocha completed both his primary and secondary education in Lagos state. Details of Charles Okocha’ s university education are not currently available.

There are reports that Charles Okocha relocated to America after his secondary education but these reports are largely unverified.

According to the reports, Okocha did not stay long in the United States. He moved back to Nigeria after some months, according to reports, to pursue his acting career.

Charles Okocha a. k. a. Igwe 2Pac is famous for his unique style of mimicking the American accent and using funny ambiguous words in his acting.

He is known for playing the role of a gangster or playboy in his movies.

Charles Okocha a. k. a Igwe 2Pac has featured in over 100 movies and counting.

In addition to acting, Igwe 2Pac is also a comedian. He has appeared in comedy skits with other popular comedians, including the likes of Broda Shaggi.

Asides from acting, Charles Okocha is also into music. He has a couple of songs to his credit. His debut song ” Amo Shine” was released in 2016.

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